How to Choose the Right T Shirt?

Many women have never faced the problem of choosing the garment. To create a fresh and original way is best to choose a shirt for a few larger sizes. Fashion and actual shirt should be long, as light tunic. Do not worry if it looks baggy on you – this is the current style of the season.

Choose the Right T-Shirt

  • If you pick up a shirt with a suit, it should be a few shades lighter.
  • White, blue shirt and blue blend perfectly with the gray suit and cream-colored, gray, light blue and milky white with black look better.
  • The most practical is cotton shirts because they do not require special care.
  • If you are the winner of round great person, look for coats with sharp collars.
  • In this case, if your face is oblong and oval, select the rectangular collar.
  • In the classic style of this shirt should peek out from under his jacket for a few centimeters, and should cover the cuffs of the bones of the wrist.


Despite the fact that the most famous singers, actors, musicians, athletes can buy something beautiful half of humanity is still interested specifically in men things in this situation – shirt. Jessica Simpson says, “I wear a spacious option knot tying waist. Such clothing is good for my walks and outdoor activities.”

Actress Rachel Bilson recently admitted to the press that occasionally takes a shirt from her boyfriend to refresh the image. And it turns out that’s fine – this shirt in a small strip with an open collar looks very stylish.

Fans of T shirts Songaah, Jessica Alba and Claudia Schiffer run by his jeans and placed at the top of the belt. These ladies – amateur careless fashion look, the list of shirts that have a strong half of mankind.

Cowboy shirts like actress Olivia Munn. It prefers to walk in them during sporting events, a walk or shopping. More often than not, like so many other celebrities star combines such a thing with skinny jeans. Some women, like Vanessa, quite shy, so wear a man’s shirt as a dress that looks very stylish and sexy. Also, in such form paparazzi caught Rihanna, who told him a few words of comfort this attire.


In conclusion it must be said that the shirts have become the most urgent and integral part of the wardrobe of women for each of the fair sex constantly wants to look trendy, stylish, bold, and yet gentle and feminine. Do not be afraid to experiment, to play with patterns, colors, using different decorations that give the brightness of such a carefree style.