How to Customise Wedding Dress

How to customize the wedding dress? Some ladies will think that it is madness and will be wondering what is the need to customize an already beautiful dress. It is obvious that if you have bought a Vera Wang you do not add a single detail. But there are women who do not want to spend much and do not know how to find a unique dress. Tailor-made for them. Do not worry here you will find those tips that will transform a simple dress, maybe cheesy, into something special: your dress wedding.

Remember Carrie in Sex and the City (the first film)? Eventually opt for a simple wedding and wearing a vintage dress (a suit) with a pair of shoes to scream. They were the legendary Manolo Blahnik. Well, that’s the point. You can use the colored, perhaps original shoes coordinated with a corsettina, to make it stuzzicoso the look. And if not enough, you go to a seamstress and let you sew the colored inserts. Perhaps under the breasts or set within the skirt.

Make cutest dress: do not overdo it. The color you have to dose it, otherwise the effect is the Christmas tree. Finally the tapes. I do not like them particularly, and therefore I can hardly recommend the flakes, here or there. I feel, however, to suggest a new hairstyles modern: are included in -raccolto seeds, including a lock and another. Photos taken from