How to Customize Sunglasses with Rhinestone Glasses


Do you want an original idea for an accessory that will certainly not go unnoticed? Here’s how to customize sunglasses with rhinestones and with the beads. One of the trends this season are the glasses glistening sun and rich in details: definitely quirky, but trendy. Proceeding is simple and above all fun, if you are also lovers of custom accessories and original you can not do your this new trend.


Make sure you have on hand:

A pair of glasses that you like

Accessories and beads

glue, newspapers and a work plan to work

The first thing to do is to buy a pair of sunglasses suitable. Do not take them for an expensive brand, will do fine glasses of low-cost chains: the important thing is to customize them in an original way. The frame should be fairly wide, to have more space available on which to apply the decorations. The perfect material is plastic, which offers an ideal surface for the glue. The frame must be smooth and free of irregularities. Choose it one color, to bring out the best vintage applications through Sunglasseswill.

On a sheet of paper, draw your design. Take inspiration in fashion magazines, or rely on your imagination. The important thing is that the end result is harmonious and pleasant. Then get yourself the necessary materials: beads, rhinestones, gems or small decorations. You may also need a hot glue gun. The ideas are many: you could make a simple frame with lenses with pearls of various sizes, decorated with rhinestones and pailettess angles (perfect for butterfly glasses), or, for those who have a lot of patience, coating the entire surface of the frame with rhinestones, glitter and beads of various shapes and sizes. If all this were not be enough, you can also buy, if your finances allow it, a couple of glasses of a brand a bit more expensive and create your pair of glasses to the last cry that hardly manage to imitate you.

Roll out a sheet of newspaper on the work plan and arrange everything needed. Clean the area to be decorated with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. To adhere perfectly decorated, very gently sanded the areas concerned. Marked with a permanent marker fine point the positions of each element, as precisely as possible. Be careful to create a symmetrical decoration. Make no mistake, exploited a ruler. At this point, apply a small drop of hot glue and started arranging the beads. Packing for a few seconds to let her join. If the decorations are very small, help with tweezers, which also will keep you from burning your fingers. When you are satisfied with the work, let dry the glasses for a whole night and then sfoggiateli with your favorite look !.


Never forget:

Remember that, like all the arts and crafts work, you need space and time to do a good job, so be patient and originality, and begin!