How to Decorate a Cardigan


I bet that you will have in your wardrobe definitely a cardigan that unused. Cardigans are a head of very simple clothes, often do not show any kind of customizations. It is perhaps for this reason that often do not wear them, and after a few years that the head remains in the closet, there is the wonderful idea to throw it. But there are simple tricks to make it palatable. Opting between different solutions, I am going to suggest to you, you can change if necessary look for the fashionable. Let’s see how to decorate a cardigan.


Make sure you have on hand:

pins jewelry, gadgets pins

Ribbons, laces, needle and thread

woolen threads, ribbon and needle wool

 Pins jewelry or gadgets pins: we can apply to our cardigans of pins. As simple as that! If we need an elegant result decorate with brooches in gold or silver jewelry, as well as costume jewelery. Also excellent brooches purchased in some craft market, we can make our unique and original cardigan. Take for instance bijoux friendliest wool cotta, or extravagant creations made ​​from recycled materials. For an extraordinary pop effect we can decorate from the shoulder to the chest, in a rather dense.

Even just changing the buttons to our sweaters, creating a play of colors seems much more alive and wearable than before. If we like the classic style we can apply a simple brooch on the front. A static effect, but artistically rewarding, you can get with beads and sequins, which will be sewn using a nylon thread and a needle with a thin needle eye. It is important to use a fine needle, which goes through the hole more easily, usually minutes, applications. Outlining with chalk lines of the drawing you wish to list on the cardigan, it will be easier to use the different types of beads. We choose the most suitable point, first divide them by color and shape, creating a composition also very complex.

 Ribbons, lace and ruffles if we are familiar with sewing, even this solution is right for us, but it is ultimately what the decoration with beads. We choose a satin ribbon for a nice contrasting color, or a romantic lace, or a strip of light fabric or tulle. Apply them throughout the cardigan neckline, starting from the shoulder to the front. We can go as far as start buttons. If the cardigan has not, continue up to the lower edge. If you want, you can also coat the neck on the back. Curling ribbon, every two or three centimeters, the effect will be more pleasant. Fixed all helping with pins with head large in order to identify them and remove them immediately away after work. Now sewn with needle and thread or with a sewing machine.

 At this point there is nothing left to do but to choose the way they decorate the cardigan according to your style. The solutions offered are different and allow to decorate the cardigan according to the occasion. Remember that you never throw an old boss just because he got tired there. If still in good condition, there is always a solution for reuse. Today we saw how to decorate a cardigan with little effort and a bit of imagination. In short, you have no excuses. A decorating!


Never forget:

We try to have well in mind the result we want to achieve.

Never throw an old boss, everything is recovered.