How to Decorate a Denim Jacket


The denim jacket is truly classic apparel, and lends itself to all styles of clothing: from punk to urban style, the jackets in jeans never go out of trend. However, you can decorate an old jacket is still good, but it seems a bit out of date, or make more original a vest that seems a bit too simple. The addition of various decorations will transform a banal jacket in one end only. In this regard, the following helpful guide through a series of simple steps, I will explain how to decorate a jeans jacket. We see then how to proceed.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Jeans jacket
  • Patches
  • Buttons
  • Fabric paint
  • Rhinestones
  • Hot glue gun

First, an initial idea to decorate a jeans jacket, would be to sew patches that represent the elements that you like. In business, there are waterproof clothing that reference media, songs or movies, or are you searching stores specializing in merchandising groups. Also purchased a paint for fabrics, available in a wide variety of colors, then use paint brushes to splash paint on the back of your jacket, to create an abstract design, or take some slight strokes and create specific images.

Later, locked in position the jacket with tacks, when you begin to paint, to prevent it from moving during operation. Place a piece of cardboard inside the jacket, so that the paint does not penetrate excessively in the fabric and go to smudge the other parts of the jacket. Afterwards, use stencils to apply letters with spray paint. Form a word with letters about three to five centimeters, and nastratele in place. Paint a word at a time, allow to dry, then place another stencil it overlaps partially at first.

Once this is done, cut out shapes by using the makings of old clothes, and then sew them onto your denim jacket. For example, you can add strips of keopard, zebra or other fabric prints, in the side panels of the jacket. With a glue gun, please complete the entire gluing of rhinestones along the cuffs and seams of the pockets of the vest. Rhinestones will give the jacket a touch of light and a completely different texture. If you want to run this job more quickly, use a super glue. Finally, embroidered curved lines, circles or droplet on the pockets.