How to Dress in Vintage Style


To dress in vintage style, you can take a dip in the past, wearing clothes and accessories that in the past were in vogue; it approached the trends of clothing coming from the world of fashion, music, film and television, going to mix the different styles, creating clothes and accessories completely original and character. In this guide you will then see how to articulate the colors of the clothes, the various items of clothing, to highlight the romanticism that characterized the vintage style.

To take inspiration from vintage style, you can watch some classic movies or documentaries, photographs, magazine covers or old to understand the styles of previous decades. If you can not find the material, you can always do research on the internet, where you will also find the various styles of all parts of the world. Remember that the vintage is mostly self-expression, so you have to put a lot of originality and taste. You can combine elements from different periods to find the ideal look. Idea? He is wearing a flapper dress inspired by the 20’s and 70’s accessories in pure punk style.

Knowing the typical styles of the past years can help you choose clothes and accessories that best suit your body and allow you to express your personal vision of fashion. The ideal of beauty is transformed and changes continuously. In the 50’s the emblem of the feminine seduction was represented by the hourglass shape, while the rigor of the 70 favored a less feminine curves. Why not take advantage and create a look that will make you notice and make it stand out your strengths? If you are focused on a curvy cute dress bustier with a full skirt, while if you are slender, you’ll be fine in version neo-hippy jeans with flared, a tank top and a minimal cascade of colorful necklaces.

To make a specific search, you can avail of the various services offered by the internet, with various online stores, or go directly to a thrift store; Here you can find many clothing unique and particularly listed, can be bought in the saddle cost and suitable if you do not have a big budget. The important thing when buying that there are no damages or defects and that actually the vintage indicated correspond to those declared and you sell it.

The secret is knowing how to combine modern and retro fine. The light dresses lace 20s are hyper-contemporary with a pair of combat boots, while a tailored suit acquire new light with a shirt 70 years from puffed sleeves and pointed collar. Play and have fun with fabric, lines and colors, without ever overdoing it and respecting nutritional balance and accents.