How to Iron Men’s Shirts

Nowadays, given the costs of laundries, knowing how to wash and iron, is an advantage not just, especially regarding the shirts that should be washed more than pants, sweaters and jackets.

Well, to wash the washer, but iron is still a beautiful pain in the ass for most people unless you pay someone to do it for us. Learning, however, it’s not that hard …
Men who know how to iron are a lot more than you think, and given the tough times, you probably are going to increase. That said, if you don’t know anything about how do I wash and iron a shirt, here are some tips that might be useful to you, since you never know in life.

For starters, remember that a shirt should be changed every day and since it is subject to many washings, to prevent consumption too quickly, before inserting it into the washing machine, you can turn it backwards, or insert it in a pillow case.

Both the precautions are not decisive because a shirt of good quality (IE made in double twisted and with the seams as must) washed every week, at least a couple of times, can resist maximum -3 2 years. Proceed as follows:

1-Use a detergent for delicate fabrics.

The color, neck and wrists are the first to be consumed. When the inner cuffs and collar are the first signs of wear, it means that the shirt has come to an end. First of them is the color to be affected (both for washing, perspiration), thus the first measure to be taken is to use a detergent for delicate fabrics.

2- Hang the shirt on a hanger and hung to dry, but not completely.

After you’ve washed your shirt with a detergent for delicate fabrics, the first step to allow a comfortable ironing is to hang your shirt on a hanger but allow it to dry completely. For a perfect ironing, in fact, it is better that the fabric is still damp, otherwise the bathrooms with spray.

3-Stretch your neck.

For ironing a shirt you must start from the neck: to avoid making folds, external parts from tips and go with the iron towards the inside of the neck, then stick your chopsticks if it is a neck with chopsticks, then fold over the neck.

4-Then switched to sleeve

After the neck passes at the sleeves: lay one sleeve on the ironing board and parts from the center to go outwards, otherwise if you have the axle arm, telescopes the sleeve inside.

5-Then at cuff

The single cuff should be ironed with the button upwards, whereas if it is a twin-cuff, you have to stretch around the wrist open horizontally and then iron it folded again later, so that the two slots match up between them.

6-Lastly you iron the body, starting first from behind, and stretching to the front.

Stretch well back of your shirt on the ironing board and iron, smooth before passing the first thoroughly with your hands all the folds you see, then pass the iron over. After the first half behind the front steps by stretching and then the other, taking care not to pass the iron over buttons, but walking around with the tip.

7-Finally, the shirt is stored hanging on a hanger with the top three buttons at the top closed.