How to Match a Cable-Knit Cardigan


The sweater is a garment that can certainly not miss in the closet of every woman. Worn mainly in winter, this garment is suitable for any kind of style and occasion, although it is preferable to use it for a casual event such as a day out with her ​​friends. A kind of sweater that is very trendy is undoubtedly that in braids. In this guide, then we will see in a few simple steps how to match a cable-knit cardigan.


Make sure you have on hand:

cable-knit cardigan

leggings or stockings


skirt sheath dress

shirt or turtleneck

various models of shoes

We start by saying that you should buy the cardigan a neutral color, so that it is easy to match. Therefore we prefer colors like white, gray or black. A first combination that we can take into account expected a nice pair of leggings or a pair of socks opaque. In both cases, we opt for a bright color that goes, in contrast with the soft color of the cardigan, to liven up the outifit. If we want to dare a little more, we can choose socks with geometric or floral designs. Under the cardigan we will wear a sweater turtleneck possibly the same color. The foot will be fine a couple of Texans boots.

As an alternative to legging, we can wear a nice pair of jeans. We choose the model that best highlights our figure, but we try to avoid excessively wide models. We can wear fashionable jeans, so with tears or holes will be perfect for a quiet Sunday at home. But if we choose a more elastic model and adherent, maybe a dark blue color, combined with the cardigan braids, we will have an outfit a little more refined. Under the cardigan, in this case, we wear a simple shirt, preferably white in color. The foot will put very comfortable sneakers.

A final alternative that you can consider is that which provides for the combination of sweater in pigtails and skirt. Absolutely prohibited long skirt which, along with cardigan worn gives the outfit an unkempt look and sloppy. It is more appropriate rather prefer a short skirt above the knee, even better if a sheath dress. For accessories, it is preferable to opt for high heels or boots over the knee. We can also wear a delicate blouse to wear slightly unbuttoned the front along with a showy necklace. So we’ll get a classy yet comfortable at the same time.