How to Recognize Genuine Pearls

Inside the guide below we will deal with jewelry. Specifically, we will dedicate the guide to pearls. The problem that arises quite often about the pearls in their authenticity, and we will try to provide you with some tools to understand this.

As you will have already understood from the title of the guide: How do you recognize real pearls? The guide will turn all on this question, and will consist of 3 different pitches, excluding this introductory step.

Pearls have always been one of the main symbols of femininity, elegance and timeless chic style, like that of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, great lover of precious jewellery with pearls. Modern and contemporary lines, or in classic vintage models, jewelry with pearls are always loved by women all over the world. Pearls can be very expensive, and when you decide to buy pearl bracelets, like a nice necklace or a ring, it is very important to know how to recognize authentic pearls of great value and brightness, distinguishing them from the false pearls, as well as authentic ones but of lesser value, such as freshwater pearls.

How to Recognize Genuine Pearls

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As we said earlier within the introductory step of this guide, now we are going to deal with how to recognize authentic and non-authentic pearls. We will try to provide you with the tools of knowledge in order not to fall into error.
Let us not lose absolutely precious time and start immediately our arguments regarding the authenticity or falsity of pearls.
To be able to recognize at first glance authentic pearls, distinguishing them from the faux pearl Jewelry, the first thing to know is that, in nature, there are several types of pearls, all different different value and authentic but by value. The most valuable pearls are those round, bright and iridescent reflections. A second type of natural pearls, always authentic but lesser value is that of the Pearl River which, like precious pearls, retain their shimmering reflections in pastel colors, especially pink and golden yellow, but have irregular shapes, elongated and oval. Pearls absolutely false, instead, are equal to the fine jewelry pearls, round and regular, but are recognizable by their reflections, less colorful than the genuine pearls. This type of fake pearls are completely absent of bright colors and are tending to white color. They are simply imitations.

In order to diversify the genuine pearls from imitation pearl, in addition, you will have the opportunity to observe the hole for passing up the necklace or bracelet. As for the forum of real pearls, it shows regular and without any type of stain or damage, while the hole of imitation pearls always presents of irregularity, in form and color, as was previously subjected to a staining or varnishing, to imitate the bright surface of the pearls.

Authentic pearls are recognised also by any small bumps or irregularities on the surface: these signs help to recognize the authentic and natural pearls, distinguishing them from those imitation, always perfectly round because produced in series. To go to conclude, you can perform a simple experiment with your teeth. You will be able immediately to diversify authentic pearls by placing them under those false teeth and perceiving their rough surface. Where the area was quite smooth, you can bollarle as bogus.

I hope this guide about how to recognize genuine pearls to be useful.


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