How to Style a Long Cardigan

When it’s cold outside, so you want something soft and warm to feel as comfortable as possible. And imagine that such a thing can be comfortable and beautiful and fashionable. This is a long jacket. It is recognized trend of the season, which should definitely find a place in your wardrobe. The latest cuts.

  • Long cardigan with voluminous hood on Diseaseslearning. They can be an excellent alternative to the annual cloak or even a coat. These products not only look beautiful but can also serve as a significant protection in cold and rain.
  • Models with asymmetric hem, short front waist and back can reach ankles. They look unusual and impressive. These jackets can be worn every day and over casual clothes and out, adding that elegant costume fashion accessory. This is especially true for long black vest. No wonder they are somewhat similar to the coat for men.
  • Long jackets for women who are open: they do not have buttons or zippers. Usually they intercept leash. Of course, its heat-shielding properties they can not compete with other models, but from an aesthetic point of view, it does not matter. Beauty requires sacrifice!
  • Mesh long vests. Things style hэndmэyd not become obsolete. They still often appeared on the world stage in the collections of famous designers. If you can deal with knitting or crochet, you can tie a long vest with his hands.

Color autumn – this is no reason to move only in dark colors in clothes. In dry fine day it will look beautiful for many cardigans bright colors: white, cream, yellow, pearl. They will make any image of elegant and feminine. Do not submit their positions, natural colors: olive, brown, gray. If you want bright colors, choose a modern emerald, purple, brick tones. Light summer or autumn warm long jackets that range will emphasize your individuality.