How to Wash Your Lingerie Correctly?

Wash properly your underwear is very important! You know how to wash your lingerie correctly?

In addition to ensuring the hygiene ideal for lingerie, washing – when done correctly -, preserves the fibers of the fabric and the finer details of the pieces, leaving your lingerie with appearance of new for much longer!

In stores you can find specific products for lingerie wash. There are liquid soaps with formulas developed for finer fabrics and with special anti-bacterial components. But you don’t have to go that far to find these products: In common supermarkets you can find this kind of creamy soap ideal for panties and bras. In the absence of any of these options, use neutral soap to wash lingerie.

Let’s get more tips?

  1. Nothing to wash in the bath: Different than most women think, wash your panties in the shower is not ideal. The water temperature, when hot, damage the delicate fabric of the pieces. The steam from the bathroom just, also assist in the proliferation of fungi.
  2. Handwash: If we know how much these pieces are delicate, we won’t put them in the machine, right? Wash by hand, with special care on those pieces that have earrings, lace, bows or other niceties.
  3. Do not mix the colors: Follow the same principle of common parts of the clothing to wash your lingerie. Do not mix white with colored pieces to prevent stains (and that bad feeling of “losing” a brand new piece by a macha of another color in the middle of one of the bra bulges, for example).
  4. Wash them in the correct location: The ideal is to wash these parts in a bowl with water and liquid soap. Put them in a brief soak and then go doing delicate movements to start washing. Never forget: don’t rub the pieces under any circumstances! Another option would be to apply the soap directly on the piece and wash under running water.
  1. Nothing to twist the pieces: After rinsing your lingerie, remember not to twist it. You can use a towel to remove excess water, or let her drain a little before extending to drying.
  2. Time to dry: Nothing to put them in the Sun. Dry your lingerie in those small poles for this purpose-specific, or even putting the pieces under a towel. In this case, any kind of heat is welcome. Direct exposure to sunlight or heat from a Tedder, for example, can give the lingerie look dry or faded.

Liked the tips?