How Were The Sales of The First Day in The Stores Low Cost?

Yesterday was the best day to go for a ride by the sales of January 2013. Holiday in Madrid, hours after the arrival of the Magi, the regular changes of gifts that didn’t work, the desire to find that bargain we do not need and that there is no, find out if they would really be so strong the discounts as they advertised brands… This is what I saw and what they emphasize this ride.

The first thing is to sit or stand. We are in the Calle Orense Madrid (Google Maps), one of the main shopping streets of the capital in which congregate, to not vary, a large number of major low-cost brands, in a good neighborhood centered in the business during the day with the Paseo de la Castellana, a few streets away.

Shopping route consisted of the following, well out of curiosity to see how they were on sale either to buy something:


First stop of the afternoon, first store. Springfield It is this brand which is often still get into the logical top of the low cost of first line. As it is not so far from others and in prices is more than competitive.

On sale you searched for big discounts. Announces that they are their second sales Since it takes a while with promotions and shows. Low prices with 50% or near downspouts.

They are trying to distance themselves from the image too serious and major who had a few years ago and are squarely within the more youthful hairstyle “ indie ” (understand why what you each like). Good ideas, good prices for garments for quick use.


Mango It has a large store in Orense, just on the corner with calle de Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, like Sfera. A larger establishment well comfortable, spacious and distributed in such a way that you can see the garments with calm, even though most are hanging on the side bars. The sensation when you buy is more careful.

Discounts of Mango they are interesting garments to the last, cool designs and much between what you choose. It is true to the so exposed, that more yesterday, there is enough to forget, but the shops offering more discounted items close to the trends of the moment and not so basic. One of the most recommended to go now to the sales.


The Sfera, owned by The Corte Inglés, the Orense Street has three floors, although one of them is quite narrow and the first note quite tight areas. The number of people who had, generous, and the narrow roads to stop and see the clothes could be closer to obstacle courses that one buys comfortable.

The most classical area is the least attractive part of the brand, although it has its corresponding public, clear. The casual area has its successes, particularly in the shirts and some blouses and tops enough economic and monkeys.

The State of “ madness ” that seems lived in purchases of these days and that makes some consumers carefree people who misplaced all the clothes because it is not theirs, and the dependents do not give, of course, leads to find a common piles of flea market, a penalty.

H & M

The H & M Marmot day does that, as in the rest of the stores that we saw yesterday, you find these items from for a few seasons as if such a thing. It would be good that they put an identifier with the original year, out of mere curiosity. At least would be shopping “ vintage & #8220;.

The feeling with the Swedish chain during the sales is the burden, few or no interesting idea that out of some basic economic prices but which throughout the year are not both.

Maison Martin Margiela collection has gone from living on the first floor of the store, nothing entering, to sit in the lower level, as if such thing, without stress compared to the rest, and with much yet to sell stock. With discounts between 30% and 50%.

However, the H & M I know Madrid, buying only of Gran Via cool me converted cinema, the rest I are not comfortable.

Women ’ Secret

The rebates are the time of year that more lingerie should you sell. Women ’ Secret divided his store between good discounts of up to 70% and small panels with the new collection but for now are on time compared to other.

The basics are the most aided in the Orense we saw little novelty with respect to other designs that are out of these but prices are not bad.


The new image of the shops of Bershka It has not yet reached the Orense and it shows. It was that fast saw, comfortable, that Yes, none of Inditex let be and is well distributed space inside but except specific dresses that Yes liked me and were not bad price, the rest was better to forget it.

Massimo Dutti

Sorpreson. It was the store we saw fuller of all. Tremendous row that you had to buy something from Massimo Dutti. If the handle was long of this store was double, at least had 30 people waiting. Those who know this space know that it is quite small, so the row of box filled enough part of the store.

The male audience that we had not seen in previous ones was here. Older, with women and children in many cases, with all the store turned into a field of battle. I had never seen Massimo Dutti so chaotic. We went. It was impossible to be. And neither had anything come out of some basic mens.


The Zara Ourense is one of typical of Madrid. For now doesn’t change the feeling of entering and low light. Several scattered areas, with Zara Trafaluc with no success or something flashy to buy, Zara discounts we know since it is a signature that does not usually much lower price, if that within a few days when already rebates go to deal with one minor in-store part.

How many people could there be? Less than it expected. This does not remove that would queue to pay and a generous customers influx but was not excessive.

The Corte Ingles, multibrand space

The Corte Inglés has already been discounted from makes enough while, supposedly, not put them good until January 7. Brands are big downs that sometimes can reach 40% or 50%.

Another issue is that you find what you are looking for out of the basics and some designs that do not sell during the season. In recent years, this is the most interesting thing that I remember to go by certain brands to choose according to the taste of each.

Long time not seen the English Court of the Castellana so full.

Crisis or no crisis, yesterday stores had a good afternoon. You animasteis you to take a walk in a store?