“I Am at Home Like Nude”

Actress Liv Tyler (39) went under the designer – and has designed a capsule collection for the British luxury brand Belstaff. How it came about, why it is home preferably nude and why Papa Steven Tyler (68) steals her clothes, she told us in an interview.

In the 1990s, almost every girl wanted to look like Liv Tyler – and an equally cool look have grunge shirt, torn jeans and navel piercing. Today, the “LOTR” actress has been of an elegant woman, who loves designer clothes and classic basics.

To the interview in the Berlin Soho House appears in black pants, a leather jacket and ballerinas bare feet – in November. She is here as a testimonial for Belstaff, showing pieces from her mini collection, which she has even designed.

Actress Liv Tyler in her favorite uniform of wide trousers, leather jacket and flats. She also contributed an interview in Berlin

Our site: You are a mother of three, actress and now Designer. Did you not already enough to do?
Liv Tyler: ” ” The folks at Belstaff asked me whether I want to be the new face of the brand and also creative work. I have also helped to produce the short film, since my fiance works with David with David Beckham (Note: sports Manager David Gardner). This has made with fun, because you had not the stress to produce an entire movie. That can take years with financing and Post Production. We could keep the immediacy of fashion in a short film here. I then asked whether I a capsule collection design can and they said yes.”

What woman do you have in mind when they design something?
Liv Tyler: ” ” I’m quite selfish. I designed really things I would like to wear. And ones that I would give to my friends. If I would work properly for the label and would have to design the entire collection, I would of course design for every woman. But yes a capsule collection for me was my job.”

Liv Tyler before her own mini collection, which she designed for Belstaff. To find simple items such as blouses, dresses, parkas are

What are your favorite items in your own wardrobe?
Liv Tyler: ” ” I had just had a baby, my body is not in the normal state. That’s why I wear a uniform of pants, flat shoes and a loose top, wide at the moment. I’ve just increased me there pretty and buy currently more tops than usual. Now it is always colder and I’m pretty much in the ass, and hot stuff because I actually need boots. I so need a new uniform. Also love coats and plan whatever my whole look to jackets around. I bought just a great cashmere coat by Givenchy.”

What are the most valuable pieces in your closet?
Liv Tyler: ” ” But most of the time I packed away some stuff, that Alexander McQueen has made especially for me that are incredibly great. I understood at that time, when I was younger, not even some of his stuff. I have for example a black Raven Cape made of feathers from him, which was suitable for a dress that I wore to one of the premieres “Lord of the rings”. Then I put on just the dress. I have worn later once the Cape for Halloween, what is not really worthy of this special part of.”

Is it true that you swap clothes with your father?
Liv Tyler: ” ” Yes, I love to borrow me his old pieces and also he appreciates my wardrobe. We even exchanged houses for a long time, I lived in his in L.A. and he was with me in New York. Then where we have met, and he had three of my shirts in his case, more blusenartige parts. They looked great but at him. Somehow that’s normal for him.”

You give each other also fashion advice?
Liv Tyler: ” ” He always says that my hair is too flat and want to miss getting this 1980s look me. And I always say that he should wear a black suit times and fewer bells and whistles. I buy him jewelry then gladly. “But I also appreciate that he has these crazy style.”

Liv Tyler in a self-designed dress at the GQ awards in Berlin, where she was awarded as a “Gentlewoman of the Year”

What time of year do you prefer in terms of fashion? Spring and summer or autumn and winter?
Liv Tyler: ” ” Autumn and winter, because it may as correctly tighten. I’m at home Yes just likes naked. On holiday I love summer shopping however, if transparent, wide items can be bought. I live in New York and there it is in the summer hot damn. Previously has been then just cut off jeans shorts and a T-Shirt, but the fashion has changed very considerably”

What do you say to the election results and the new President Trump as an American?
Liv Tyler: ” ” Actually, I want to talk about it, too many thoughts through my mind to me so. To generalize that somehow, I would say that I am overwhelmed, like most of us. There is a lot of uncertainty and confusion in the world, it is not just this election. I must first digest the that that now everything has become reality. I’m just trying to understand also other views. Probably the actress in me, trying both to recreate.”