If Inspires in Them Will Be The White of The Eyes (And The Envy of Many)

Blessed are the fashion blogs. There is saturation, Yes. But when you find the style that you like and inspires you every day is the best thing. I do not say that you completely copies the looks of the girl in question (although each is free to do whatever he wants), but if you like the result you see onscreen why not? imitate her providing hints own? And I with them inspired me. You?

Some of them I leave sections on my desktop for tomorrow (as it is the case of the first look). With the heat we are having me is impossible to think of put me some skin leggings. So to do this I fixed in Lovely Pepa: simple but perfect.

But if you want something a little more elaborate, may be this set to your liking: mini skirt with polka dots with openwork jersey. Can anything more perfect there be?

And if you prefer you can be inspired by a style of the closest but with polka dot shorts. Which of the two do you prefer?

And you, are you going to inspire in these girls?