Imperfect or I ’ m Perfect? – Esprit Campaign For More Self Love

Found itself so really nice and high five give the mirror image, which is today not so easy and maybe it never was constantly the media lead to believe ideals us which afterwards is to thirst, everywhere is talking about individuality, but when it comes to ourselves, we are suddenly quite meek and nagging like there’s no tomorrow more. Freckles become streusel pie faces, rounded to problem areas, anything comes to us permanently too short or too long, the legs for example or the nose, too thick, too small, or very undoubtedly terribly different than it should be actually, although without the otherness of the one and the other would be about equal, dull and featureless. Sometimes it happens that personalities will fade because we scratch much too often only on the surface because we search for perfection that exists only on images and maybe even still not even there. We know that, but much love to forget why small memories and love letters to our imperfections are now and again rather important. That looks a lot like ESPRIT and shook therefore just in time for the autumn campaign from the sleeve the #IMPERFECT is – to make a statement against ideals.

IMPERFECT or I’M PERFECT? Makes no difference because even exactly.

Instead of professional models slipped this time so different people in 1970s collection, beautiful people, from the outside, and probably also from the inside, who have learned to stand, mood-soaked autumn/winter and without any self-doubt, what is strangely not at all self-evident, although it’s supposed to, which are rightly wondering what this „ perfect “ supposed to be at all and they especially don’t want , to measure stereotypes. Which brings nothing but misfortune. A bit is ESPRIT also that we, the consumers of fashion, no decals are, but individuals with very own thoughts, desires, and styles. Everybody just as he likes, you could also say, and a high fashion experiments. Even feel comfortable, now, please please. For:
The beauty is that we become part of the campaign can #ESPRIT and #IMPERFECT itself thanks to the Hashtags, so nothing like go and even a small reminder that in the world out send, we should consider ourselves really slightly more frequently through the eyes of our friends – that prefer that fact completely determined precisely, makes what is sometimes the hardest to create us.


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