Inditex Manages to 1.655 Billion Euros in Profit, a 27% More to Continue to Amaze

Twelve of the twelve of the twelve. Inditex He continues to present new records. The Spanish company has presented data from the third quarter of 2012 with sales coming to the 11.362 million euros, 17% more than in the same period last year (from February 1 to October 31). The net profit comes to the 1.655 million euros, 27% more than in 2011. Tremendous.

Inditex, the network of 6,000 tents

Inditex looks proud number of employees in second place in their press release, however already reaches 116.110 employees around the world, during these nine months 6.598 joined the total. 360 new stores to make a total of 5.887 spread 86 markets around the world, including the first in Armenia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The number 6,000 stores has already been achieved by Inditex according to, only that did not come into this calculation to come later with “shop eco-efficient” Zara, in the 460-490 of Oxford Street, London.

The conquest of North America

Each presentation of the report highlights a new milestone, in this case, in addition to the sales data, employees and stores, future highlights two developments: the entrance of Massimo Dutti in North America and the opening of Zara online shop for the Canada market from the collection spring-summer 2013.

With Massimo Dutti they released in the United States with New York in October in a select area of Fifth Avenue and December 4 in Washington. They have also opened another in Toronto.

Bershka grows toward China, with its first two stores in that country (in Hong Kong and Beijing), in addition to another in Frankfurt, Germany.

Uterqüe Launches Mexico, tactics which repeats Stradivarius y Oysho committed by Macao, China.

The annual maximum of their actions was put at 107,350 euros. Today at this hour is listed to 102,600 euros.

Data that give vertigo and which still continue to grow despite any negative context to our round, this time more settled in emerging markets that expand.