Is “Flan King” Really Healthy?

With bare ankles through the winter – alone the notion made goose bumps you? There, the fashionistas who have discovered the fashion trend of flan King for themselves, are apparently somewhat harder. And so allegedly also do something for their health! of the experts know whether you should actually put in cold weather on scarce Fussli instead of warm socks.

Thick jacket, scarf and hat, nude bondage in light sneakers – actually a absurd combination. It is but just fully in vogue!

To the sunshine, it becomes quite fresh obviously but still not too cold for the naked ankle fashion trend “Flan King”

Who wants to be beautiful, to freeze
The goosebumps suspicious Untenrum has a name: “Flan King”, so a mixture of “flashing” (z.Dt. “let the Flash”) and “ankle” (“Ankle”). That more and more fashion-conscious joining the trend – even in frosty temperatures – has naturally aesthetic reasons: without fat socks stylish sneaker come more to the fore, the complete look is much casual.

Flan King even healthy?
The crazy on the fashion trend of flan King, crying after the cold: he should be even healthy! Various media attest the bare ankles a tonic effect on the immune system. So, about the Swiss news portal “20 minutes” cited a general internal medicine specialist who explains that man exposed himself through the bare skin areas better get accustomed to the game between cold and warm and hardness from the body.

According to experts, should cold air as it moves here from below in the Marlene pants, strengthen the immune system

The STYLEBOOK expert says
Just omit the socks and come through the winter cold-free? These teeth had to the Berlin general practitioners Dr. med. Frank Fechteler us unfortunately pull. “This leads to a deep freeze, which weakens the immune system. So have it easier.” Who wants to stay healthy and at the same time not on the look of Knöchelfrei want to give, should therefore take precautions.

Please heed these five heat tips:

1 peek shoes
Sneaker can be easily fitted with small Aufwärmern. Lambskin leather soles do it moderately cold temperatures. As soon as it gets cold but correctly clinking, there must be love (in addition) aluminium insoles. These isolate the cold and can be cut to perfectly on each shoe.

  1. warm cream
    If it is really crisp cold, body lotion is an absolute must, finally, it protects the skin from drying out. There are also warming creams with stimulating additives specifically for cold feet, for example, with essential ginger extract, which warms the skin and revitalises. Rub your ankles so that before the down without performance.
  2. Pablo held freeze
    An ordinary rubdown stimulates the blood circulation, which in turn warms. In addition, awakens from its winter sleep – the skin and looks just much nicer and smoother.
  3. preventive foot baths
    A hot foot bath advance sustainable protects you from cooling down: it stimulates the blood circulation and supports so your immune system. Rosemary accessories are ideal, they seem particularly activating.
  4. the less down, the more top
    To not to freeze, a warm is a must-have topless. And by this we mean not only a chic coat. Also a cool hat is essential, because the temperature regulation of the body is largely over the head.

“Flan King” takes good actress Liv Tyler (37). What is she doing right? Keep your head warm! This cools the remaining body not so fast.