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The Denim jackets have always been a good piece of wardrobe and if you don’t still have yours, with this noventero revival that we are living in the last few seasons, the stores are filled with models of all styles. So, is your time.

Can be everything: trousers, dresses skirts… and today do not speak of jackets with tacks or mix of fabrics, I mean denim jacket of all life, which you take back to a film of adolescents in the Decade of the 90s.

Within the models that we find in the shops, we can mainly choose between clear models, either in the short version as this from Topshop for 59 euros or the maxi of 35,72 euros, which we found at Asos or the dark version as the egg, is also in the two options (of course more) this time the short is from Asos and 43.13 euros and the oversize handle whose cost is 49.99 euros.