Jezebel News: Is Reality or Fiction Lo of Vera Wang or The Salaries in Cambodia?

Be aware of all what’s happening in fashion is difficult we have to live! (and buy) So in Jezebel as we like to be practical return withthe section Jezebel news in which you will see in a post everything that happened in these days in the industry.

  • H & M is very close to Inditex. The company has increased its forecast of openings for the year 2013, whose first quarter has just completed for the company. H & M will launch this year around 350 establishments, facing the up to 480 which is marked as objective Inditex.
  • But it goes beyond… H & M has revealed who they are and where are their suppliers. The Swedish group unveils what are its main suppliers, how is the structure of your supply chain, quantifying the number of suppliers and factories, as well as the regions where they are, they produce garments that are distributed in their stores.
  • According to WWD China will be the first global economy in the year 2016 do we amaze someone?
  • Former President Nicolás Sarkozy will be investigated for alleged crime in the L´oreal case. Apparently former Minister is being investigated for having met with the heiress of L´oreal, Liliane Bettencourt and take advantage of his weakness for donnaciones for your campaign.
  • Do you know how much comes to a worker of the textiles in Cambodia? 58 euros per month, and the news is that this salary has risen (was 47 euros). We do not ask ourselves, getting to know these figures, how the textile entrepreneurs manage to be the world’s richest third.
  • Guess, how I liked their campaigns of the 90s, it has suffered a drop in sales of 34 per cent. For Paul Marciano, CEO:

I’ve been very disappointed with the performance of our brand in the United States, so we are making changes in the strategic direction of the Group

  • Vera Wang It is being criticized and much to the new policy of its newly opened store in Shanghai. Apparently its saleswomen charge 500 euros to clients only to try one of their models, for a limited period of time.