Lagerfeld for Dior Homme

Karl Lagerfeld is honored: Output “Lagerfeld Confidential” in a few days, exclusive interview in Vogue, ready-to-wear fashion show for Chanel and Fendi… Our workaholic, scholar and esthete additional artist, occupies space and that is not displeasing to us. Latest news about him: it is he who will shoot the future of Dior Homme advertising campaign.

For if the general public Karl Lagerfeld’s foremost designer, the man has a real passion for photography, he treats as a drawing, a sketch. He composes his picture as a pictorial work to achieve the exact image he has in his head. It was in 1987 that Lagerfeld went behind the lens. Previously, it was his friends illustrious photographers who took the photo. But Mr Lagerfeld bad living being frozen, imprisoned on glossy paper.

He thus decided to grant the right to engage also in the adventure, to get behind the lens and thus achieve one of his childhood dreams. Like every time he looks at a new area, Karl Lagerfeld excels. He photographs Chanel campaigns, but also performs a more personal work, where he has a passion for still life and portraits, gallery openings and books to the key.

His latest project is to photograph the Dior Homme advertising campaign, which pretends not part of the legend Karl… Because for going into androgynous looks designed at the time by Hedi Slimane, Karl Lagerfeld lost over 40 kilos, has carved its current shape and became the idol of a whole generation.

It is he who will highlight the creations of Kris Van Assche. And if it proceeds as for Chanel photo shoots, Dior teams had better be fit, indeed Karl usual night shooter from midnight to 10am…