Learn How to Buy Shoes That Work with You

The creepers are the type of shoe that every woman likes: they are comfortable, excellent for going to the street when the subject is time consuming and they are also very useful on hot days like summer. There is a creeper for every taste, all colors and models. You just need to know how to choose one that suits you.

Learn How to Buy Shoes That Work with You

More open crawl templates

There are a few creeper models that have few straps forming the footwear. Sometimes the strips are of a thickness less than the little finger, leaving the feet almost fully exposed. This type of footwear looks better on feet that are smoother, without many recesses and undulations.

Closed back models

Well, here we already have a woman’s acquaintance: the gladiators. They are the most enclosed model of creeps that exist and, therefore, looks great on feet that are very drawn, which appear veins, ligaments and tendons. This happens a lot in those who have thin and thin feet.

Colors and patterns

This item here varies a lot of personality. Who is more discreet has the tendency to buy rasteirinhas of models always neutral, since who is more extroverted, has the habit to exaggerate in the hour to choose the colors of the sandal. Well, the ideal is to buy everything a little and know where to use.

For example, neutral color trays such as brown, black or caramel, are ideal for day-to-day work, especially in the work environment. You can wear it with printed clothing or even smooth, strong colors.

Sandals with vibrant colors such as red, yellow, orange or even prints can also be part of the corporate environment, but caution must be exercised. The best option for this type of rasteirinha is that it be used in places more relaxed like a little bit with friends or even to go to the street.

Roteirinhas with or without back?

The backless curtains tend to look more bare and are not good for going in more formal environments such as work or college. In addition, for those who drive or pilot, the law requires that any footwear has a back.

So if this is your case and if you use your own mode of transportation almost always, it is better to invest in the model that offers greater safety. The little backless can be used on the beach, for example, or even go out with friends to have an ice cream, for example.

Party Supplies

Who told you that it’s not worth using little parties at parties? For whoever this is deeply deceived. Nowadays, it is possible to find quite sophisticated models of this footwear and are excellent to go to a party in which you will spend long hours standing without losing the elegance.

You can invest in a little model with gemstones and other sparkles. Pregnant women are the main users of this model of footwear since the feet are swollen and can hurt easily. So if you want to go to a little party, do not feel shy. Learn to choose right and go ahead!