Leighton Meester Cover of L’Officiel, How Many Covers Has Already?

We could say that it is one of the most claimed girls This 2011, and is that Leighton Meester is unstoppable: promoting his latest film & #8216;The Roommate‘, recording chapters of Gossip Girl, in his spare time sings free and … is a part-time model. And is that the girl more preppy, posh and dear (while the feared) of all Upper East Side He returns to the fray with a new cover.

This time the lucky to be able to look to the actress on the cover is the Lithuanian version of L ’ Officiel. With a lovely dress for Lanvin spring/summer 2011 collection and shoes Jil Sander, most glamouros, sensual and multifaceted Leighton see other side. It may well appear with a smile from ear to ear as you become a more serious person in the world. She is thus, is part of its charm, and therefore has many fans.

At the moment, and waiting for new looks of it in Gossip Girl We leave you with this cover (one more to it that far this year). ¿The next will be? Bets open!