Leighton Meester on The Cover of Marie Claire UK

We are accustomed to see to Leighton Meester the role of Blair Waldorf, a girl with a preppy style very marked, so this cover of the Marie Claire Beauty December 2010 I shocked a lot. Completely black eyes, metal shadows and an air very rocker in a Leighton Meester of the most divine. Wearing pelazo, I would say that it is one of the best sessions of photos I’ve seen of this girl, you’re amazing! Someday will we see a so hot as the cover of Blair? You never know!

Under the orders of the photographer Christophe Meimoon and a stylist in charge of Lisa Oxenham, Leighton poses in the most sensual way possible. Deserves a special mention hairstyle with twisted monkey and hair tousled, I think that one of the most used will be this winter. I love it!

Its deep red lip color that can be seen in some photos is ideal for the holidays of this season, a glamorous touch to our most special nights.

I would say that the tattoo that we see in one of the photos is a decal of Chanel This past spring-summer 2010, where the French signature it swept away with these temporary tattoos.

For the session, Leighton wears a hair more blonde than ever and very long. It looks great, so I could go with her in the series, it would improve a lot.

Only to see it it I want to smoke I like her eyes!

Thanks to Marie Claire UK We have been able to see the more sensual side and sexy a Leighton every day winning more adept.