Lingerie Trend Yes, But with Moderation

It is that the garments are fashionable lenceras, and worth that one of its boosters have been Louis Vuitton – with Marc Jacobs as a thinking mind, of course – but one thing to suggest and other teaching. However there is who doesn’t seem to know the limits of the tendencies, or simply prefer to not wear them.

Everyone knows that the famous Italian blogger whose name I don’t want to remember it is a great consuming trends, so much so that sometimes a little hands are going with the dimensions that takes in her outfit of the day, and the lingerie trend I was not going to stay away from their extensive list of proposals nonsense that only she dares to wear.

We know that the little like and how much tired, but with this trend, the danger is even greater, because?Perhaps someone is seen wearing this Guess “blouse” to get to buy bread? (And who says to buy bread says to) New year’s Eve or any event)