Lisa or Stamped, Basic or Multicolored Colors. No Matter How, Win Equal

And here we are, to 1 September. Goodbye August, we will soon say c – already! the summer but We never say goodbye style. And like this you always have to go to the sound of the time we live, the legs are in the air to display the moray eels that have been during the holidays (though with an exception to confirm the rule). But style has neither rules nor understands tastes, why some opt for printed versions, other bright colors and others remain in the infallible classics.

Although what we see more in the time of Sun and heat they are those colors that to encourage you and happy days. Explosion of colour with daring mixtures but they feel great, and for the less risky a red dress (or green, or yellow, or as you want).

The classics that never fail

Is true that there are tones they are less risky but that make us be equally perfect. For this reason the the black and white become the perfect wardrobe Fund: we know that we will always be stylish and Super.

For those who don’t want to show your legs or by the Note night cooling (depending on the area in which you live), the flared pants (always) have just been laying great. And more if it is in a total white look.

With option you stay?