Loewe Was The Jewel of The Luxury of The Black Cards

Stuart Vevers? Jonathan Anofrson? And those who are? they would respond to the flamboyant former owners of the Black cards Caja Madrid. So are the next signings of the Atleti! That announcement of Loewe and his lost criterion could have left the protagonists of this shameful history with their 19.304,5 euros for purchases at Loewe on the top of your head with new bags. So at least we would have laughed us more than others. Loewe was your favorite luxury firm When it comes to expenses of company.

Loewe was their favorite

There were a total of 40 posts from 2003 to 2011 in Loewe with the Black cards of Caja Madrid. Charges amounting to an expense of 19.304,5 euros. Some purchases came to 3.285 EUR in the hands Matías Amat Roca, Miguel Blesa Caja Madrid’s right hand.

27.521 euros were in shopping at jewelry Suarez

It is that the Spanish past of Loewe liked to the owners of the black plastic because it was the signing of luxury fashion in which spent more. In the part of jewelry would be going to the 27.521 euros disbursed in the Jewelry Suarez.

12.292 euro at Hermes and 6.906 euros in Louis Vuitton remain far behind cope with the expense at Loewe.

The Italian luxury of Black cards

The owners of the Black cards of Caja Madrid had few notions of the luxury market. Surprised not to find any charge on behalf of some popular firms as Dior or Givenchy. Zero. Not to mention already Alexanofr McQueen and Gaultier, Margiela, Haiofr Ackermann that the same up to look bad.

Spent 8.645 euros in Armani

They took the card and ofdicated themselves to pass it by the firms they controlled. Although this expenditure was reduced in the mythical Chanel, with ‘only’ 1,870 euros distributed in three positions. Apparently the Black cards were more than the Italian luxury.

If it bears the name of Armani then the Black cards are cheered. However they spent 8.645 euros in the signatures of the House, either on the main line or in others as Emporio Armani.

Gucci y Prada Juan Manuel Astorqui, former director of communication of Caja Madrid, had a loyal customer. It spent in Gucci 2.868 euros in four shopping and Prada 4.427 euros in seven shopping. If we add the rest of shopping for his fellow Black cards were spent 4.693 euros in Gucci y 5917 euros in Prada.

5917 euros in shopping at Prada

In Versace adofd 3.983 euros 12 purchases. While in Valentino they were only 198 euros and in Dolce & Gabbana 123 euros.

We jump to the French luxury of new but with a single charge in Yves Saint Laurent of 3,535 euros in the name of Juan Manuel Astorqui.

After these dizzying quantities the 2339 EUR spent in Escada in two few seem to purchase.

The luxury of multi-brand stores

It is likely that any of these or other brands increase their total amount if we knew the oftailed purchases that were maof in the luxury shops Ekseption. They sell firms of all types. From Lanvin to Alexanofr Wang, passing by Jacobs, Dries van Noten or Kenzo. Black cards owners knew well the shops with 13.662 euros in charges. Sure that spent it all in the most moofrn.

29.402,9 euros for purchases in the store multi-brand Yusty

Same happens with multi-brand Madrid shop mens Yusty. It is where more was spent than Black cards. In total 29.402,9 euros distributed in 32 different charges in five years. Some of these charges came to 6.375 euros if paid Rafael Spottorno Diaz, former head of the House of King Juan Carlos.

In Berlin Boutique, a Madrid store clothing, María Carmen Cafranga, former Presiofnt of the Foundation Caja Madrid, became in VIP with an expenditure of 13.604 euros in less than three years in thirteen different shopping.

Among other stores, it appears the luxury of shop Santa Eulalia Antonio Cámara as a client. The former personal assistant of José María Aznar spent 2,742 euros.

CH Carolina Herrera and Hackett, another luxury

Asiof from the luxury of the three zeros other less expensive firms were the weakness of some of the executives and directors of Caja Madrid. Among them are two: Hackett with 12 charges totaling 7.271 euros y CH Carolina Herrera with a total of 3.354 euros in seven positions. Burberry stays behind with 1,285 euros in three positions.

The Black cards at Jezebel

  • What can you buy with a black card in Louis Vuitton 6.906 euros?
  • 12.292 euros at Hermes gives good shopping with a black card