Malaikaraiss Created With “Exit Eden“ New Favorite Pieces

Already at the beginning of the month, we presented once the label MALAIKARAISS you: we were in the Studio of Designerien Malaika and her golden hands Lina and have fallen in love immediately. It was all the more important yesterday for us to look at backstage at the two behind the scenes and to examine the final collection for the summer of 2012 in the Studio installation.

At the first moment, the entire installation is innocent and pure. Especially the bright tones and gentle music fit perfectly to the topic “Exit Eden”. But also the wicked page and grunge reflected elements in her pieces: transparent one piece, deep cut-out pieces and oversized Capes are not innocent.

Malaika told us already, that of the collection fully to the late 70’s, go to Bianca Jagger and the time of Studio 54. Now we could even convince us and took up in the Studio area of fashion week adorned with white rose petals and hydrangeas platforms where the models pretty lined up side by side were to be examined by the public.

Quiet music underscore the delicate, some crisp white collection, which seemed almost heavenly. Malaika and Lina said in the interview quite fascinated by their brocade fabric, let out to weave the seventies after an original sample and we can share their ravings since yesterday. In addition to the pieces of white and nudefarbenen, it is just this highlight in the Mintton infinite gold thread pull through and arrange a pretty pattern that so fascinates us. But also geprintete silk should not be missing in MALAIKARAISS, which underlines the simple note of the label. Who is no-frills is safe with MALAIKARAISS out of place. Anyone who appreciates elaborate details and fine materials, should deal still times more intense with the label.

Want to take a look at the installation, then here you go!