Mary-Kate Olsen Starred in Three Covers for Marie Claire

Yesterday saw one of the Olsen twins along with the cream of the fashion designers and today plays to see it three times since it appears on the new cover of the magazine Marie Claire in its American Edition. Three photographs sure to his followers that they will love them.

For those who will buy the American magazine will have to decide if opt for one or the other according to your preferences. In all of them we see three trends that will dominate the next fall. Input, with the blue cover, rather than fall for summer, see the domain of the Gold and the sequins the hand of Emilio Pucci.

In the second home we see the military style Thank you a set of Burberry Prorsum that both usually Mary-Kate Olsen. A military style that is in stores this season.

And on the third cover comes the horror of the hand of Gucci, with a set where joins the hair as a finish, a trend that has never left the cabinets of the Olsen twins.

With which of the three covers you stay you?