MBFWB: Julia’s Review Of Day 2

Even if we post a little behind with the are, yes almost the end tips day 3, Julia again everything from the 2nd fashion week day for you and us combined. Merci, you great!

The Sun reception us full of joy at the second fashion week day at the Brandenburg Gate, just under 30 degrees left the clothes are scarce, or many to the wide Maxi skirt access, the absolute trend for summer 2012. Already in the previous morning a mass before the fashion gathered tent surprisingly. Reason for this was the home show at 10: 00: Schumacher. Every years of fashion week Companion is a friend of the shows and the fashion of Schumacher and that nothing should change actually once again.

Here we saw again the wide flowing silk and chiffon dresses that the models angelic running down the catwalk. In between, there were always very sporty elements, because so feminine and cute Schumacher from the style, this time a break in this line should be. Substances were mixed for this and also pattern entered is very like namely floral graphic prints. Olive was always happy to yellow but also pink proves next summer trend, after we saw in the winter 11/12 big orange in combination with pink.

Colors are thus again definitely and even gloss cannot be missed always again. It should not sparkle, but like to shine in summer 2012.

Nude in my eyes at the far past shows almost declared dead and occurred only very strongly scattered in some collections. But then came the slightly smaller outsiders on Tuesday morning and showed that nude should be always on the trend map. It is meant to allude, the brand that is known for the cashmere chic and powerful color. This time however, because except white, gray and nude were not to see here no colors. I found it very nice break for the other collections, which are rather all are colorful and highly patterned. The net optics by allude, as rock or shell, were very beautiful that had a very slightly transparent a bit sexy but yet very chic. The skirts were rather very figure stressing as far, but nevertheless a dress went the Maxi trend and I realized that just feel like everything with the cashmere is possible and can look very well. The problem is only that hardly an ordinary mortal to do so is chosen to wear this Lauren because really any small bump or grams will tell fat too much including.


Laurel follows allude well-known or vice versa. Today, they were allowed to show anyway, as the third. The show was introduced with a short film of mood, which divided into three scenes. To see was the young Bridget Bardot or one their extremely similar woman who presented itself in its full womanhood and spent a seemingly good time in St. Tropez. This film perfectly reflected the collection. Extremely feminine and figure emphasizes lots of Python.Drucke, also as a pattern to tight pants and leggings. The style of the 70’s typical presented the Bridget, we admired the models on the Laurèl catwalk.

Today, clearly mongrels in common with a very stylish, slightly androgynous collection were favorites. Allerestes outfit and abslutes key piece was the Dungarees almost baggy-like hanging from the hips. Including a narrow bandeau top, because abdominal free slowly again in everyday life returns, as one audience sees tent also at the fashion, where slightly less sleek, follow this trend. But further to mongrels, on the one hand very athletic but very chic, everything you wish for the summer was somehow. What particularly liked me, eyeing pieces were combined only with a solid color. After long thinking, I namely to find for me, that I can do nothing with the colorful and wild pattern mixes, I also see them so long, they just don’t fit together! That’s why great compliment to mongrels in common for a successful collection and the decision for patterns, but not in the mix. The shoes, which were allowed to wear the models were also a real eye-catcher.

Mongrels in common:

For mongrels, they followed sympathetic combination Perret Schad. Their show was not only crowded, they were also the first where i’ve ever seen an Absperung before the first row, so that the photographer can come not near. Expected big, Terry Richardson for example, who was anyway already present or to the living resurrected Michael Jackson, but who came, Boris Becker plus Appendix. You did just as if it were the first time that he took place in a tent. Well, you uberspielte the slight exaggeration quickly and already started the show. As always, was gentle but nevertheless strong colours to traditional cuts their style true to. Body distance wide jackets and even fluid silk dresses that behind imposing herflogen the model is there for the summer of 2012 to see. However, the last outfit was the spannenste, a white colored little Red Riding Hood, with plastic Underskirts or maybe the rain coat. You don’t know it, it was anything but time.

Hastily I left after the fashion tent in the direction of Lala Berlin, which in the old Postfuhramt in August her latest collection showed. Heike Makatsch, Michael Beck of the fantastic four, Nadine Warmuth and many, many more were there …. Everyone expected a normal catwalk show, but it was more a living showroom with live DJ and light show.

The mood on the Court was fantastic, as it then started and you had grad warm room in the small, dark almost 50, it turned but … One sweat to the bet and could realize unfortunately barely the collection. You had to walk around to the young models received my greatest sympathy because they probably over an hour had to stand still in this hot room. But unfortunately, it was also so full that the nose fully was hour after a quarter and rather went to the relaxed courtyard to the small talk. A very nice round was at Lala will find Berlin, but for the next time this show action should not repeat Please. The collection was very in the whole heat stress. In any case any Menger fluorescent substances worked with and it sparkled and shone. Knitting was also included. I hope you can see something of it online soon more.

I went fast fashion week then after another ten hours on the way home. I wish you a nice day. Us he is already underway the day 3…