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You probably know the feeling that you have no proper clothes to take on. Maybe it’s the end of this month, and there are no councils to fill community up withexpensive designer clothes. Or are you the type who think that perhaps it ismore fun to spend your money on something else, but without compromising on your outfit. If you do not already know about the popular Danish brand mbyM, then it is about time that you hear more about it At itypejob.com. dealer we smart and fashionable clothing for women, mbyM and extremely reasonable prices. When you order from itypejob.com you will get a good service and a great product range. In addition, we offer free * shipping and 30-day money back guarantee. When you order on a weekday we aim also to send your goods within 24 hours, so that youcan take your new purchase in use as soon as possible. Should you subsequentlyfind out that one model does not fit, or perhaps just not sitting as you havecounted on, so of course we would like to exchange it for something else.


Scandinavian coolness and fine garments


Signature of mbyM is raw and feminine styles mixed with Scandinavian coolness.Vehicle is in the cheap end, where most can be with, but without the compromiseddesign and quality. Among our product range with itypejob.com you will find beautiful and elegant dresses for both everyday and festive and sexy lace topsand bodies that fits perfectly under a light t-shirt or an open dress. If youare more for the raw styles, you will also find delicious fur pants and cooljackets with raw details. In addition, to make the brand also good basic stylesin the form of like-colored t-shirts, tops and cardigans in good quality, so you can always complete your outfit. So whether you are going to a party and need apretty dress, or you need just the right outfit for a day at the Studio or the job, so we have at itypejob.com a wide selection of mbyM mbyM jackets, dresses andmuch more, which is not ruining your finances completely.


mbyMEdgy Danish fashion since 2003


mbyM is a part of the popular store chain MESSAGE, which started in 1986.MESSAGE stores can be found throughout Europe, and opened the first multi-brandstore in Denmark in 1997. In 2003, mbyM brand introduced in stores inScandinavia, and experienced great success since. The brand was in the years2006  2010 introduced in countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and others., and since 2013 have you could find mbyM in 25 MESSAGE stores acrossScandinavia, and with over 400 retailers in Europe. There is therefore no doubtabout the brand’s increasing popularity among young Scandinavians and Europeans.However, it is understandable why mbyM has become so popular. Brand designerannually 4 collections with under the names Flash, Basic and Go Green, andhas a mission to provide edgy Danish fashion that ensures that mbyMgirl is always a step ahead.
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