Midi Skirt for Winter

Midi Skirt for winter 2015-206, a model that enhances your figure and he’s fine more or less at all. Just choose the right proportions and match them in the correct way, avoiding the slides style: all the tips can be found in this article.

Midi Skirt for Winter

It has a vintage feel but love it because it enhances the silhouette, covers the legs in cold weather and in practice it’s fine right at all. Comes straight from the past the classical midi skirt, the long one right below the knee, which this year returns to us in decidedly unglamorous version: fitted, high-waisted, flared or pleated: the choice is yours, it is important not to mistake the combination!

The midi skirt as defined by abbreviationfinder is a success that dates from the years ‘ 50 and that returns with a new look, in order to revive the old canons of beauty but adapted to the needs of a modern woman with a passion for fashion. As always, when one chooses the trends from the past, someone stays more faithful to the original, as who has wide and high-waisted, narrow wheel, while others try to give us a new interpretation, as Gucci pointing pleated profiles, as well as Asos, as are so many signatures that to make this skirt more attractive we offer even leather.

How to match the midi skirt

The advantage of this model is that it is more or less well at all, provided, however, that the choice falls on the just and skirt that pairing is spot on. In General, if your curves are very pronounced and showy, better focus on dark colors, avoiding white or nude colors. If you are tall enough you can exceed in length wearing a skirt that arrivals in mid-calf, perhaps made more daring by a gap that finds out the legs. Those who do not is very high should wear a shorter skirt and pair it with a shoe. In any case, those who have some sturdy calves can still be dressed up by wearing a pair of boots. As for pairings, it’s all a matter of scale: If the skirt and wide it is better to wear something tight to avoid the typical “bag”, while if the skirt is a high waist and tight you can wear a shirt or blouse with puffed sleeves.

In any case, whatever the type of combination that more you like, don’t miss our gallery where we have collected some of the most beautiful winter midi skirts 2015-2016.