Miley Cyrus on The Cover of Teen Vogue with His New Look: The Young Woman Becomes Greater

The last publishing with Home included that he starred in Miley Cyrus, that I can remember was Harper’s ’ s Bazaar, where the young American played to be of the evening to the morning. It went from Hannah Montana to a clone of the school of Nicole Kidman. Although the best was on the inside, hence of the bizarre Publisher of the year.

As well, now time to give another new vision thanks to a change your look will that has led the singer to dye Morena and leaving the hair smooth and very long, waist in some layers, including the stripe in the Middle continue our trends in hairstyles?

In this way we have a Miley Cyrus renewed, more beautiful, which seeks to be more serious. Perfect with the dress of Versus, in the spring-summer 2010 collection, but that too due to Photoshop.

In the rest of images also improves the style, as it is the case of this combination between the Blazer (Brooks Brothers) and the successful shorts (MM Unplugged by Miss Me), but what most strikes me are the boots of Rock & Candy by ZiGi.

That Yes, I do not believe it me this pose. What is clear is that Miley Cyrus seeks to renew their image to the public and Teen Vogue It has done well.