Moschino Milan Fashion Week

Dungarees, duvets and caps soft focus: the catwalk rap woman of Italian fashion house.

And ‘certainly a colorful and funny woman that dressed as Moschino and Jeremy Scott for the next cold season. To the dullness of the famous Italian brand it responds with fluorescent dyes, big golden pendants and denim overalls. There’s also a cadeau for guests attending the parade: a cute little bear, of course designer.

Music and colors

To mark the safe and relaxed pace of the models was the music rap and hip hop that marked the ‘urban style of Moschino Fall / Winter 2015-2016. It ‘a woman ‘strong’ her, that earns adorned walkway maxi golden pendants, in denim dungarees, duvets long and short of the fluorescent dyes and graffiti. The comforter even in the head and shoulders with caps and backpacks. While you admire the new collection of garments can almost find yourself in a basketball court of a US quarter, where to challenge the big boys are not tall and muscular but slender maidens of temperament anything but delicate. But it is also rap the Moschino woman with jeans worn backwards and pockets waving cheeky, the sweatshirt hood over his head, even two, three purses worn all together. Orange, yellow, green, blue, red: who said it and in winter the colors are switched off?

 Looney Tunes for ever

But suddenly the woman urban style gives way to a somewhat ‘more’ child’, wearing maxi mesh on which stand out the Looney Tunes and sneakers. Also in this case the color remains the must. The comics also peep on stipe USA basketball shirts, sleeveless, long-sleeved and short, worn as a mini dress. The small bag to give a touch of femininity which is good.

 Graffiti elegant

There is also space for glamor with a series of dresses particularly showy evening, with soft lines, with some curvy model mermaid, that the maison has enjoyed ‘ smear’ with graffiti. Clothes that become almost white space for writers. And the color of the party continues.