Must Have Jumpsuits

Among the many must-have this spring / summer we talked about in recent weeks and which will undoubtedly continue to mention there are suits and overalls.

After being re-launched last year, also this summer we will see the suits anywhere, many versions!

The reason why the jumpsuits are willing and depopulating so it’s easy and very intuitive: are colorful, very comfortable, practical and most importantly allow us to wear them without having to add anything other than a good pair of shoes … a nice convenience, right?

I must admit though that the suits have a defect: not donate at all! They look great with skinny girls with physical wiry, small breasts and narrow hips, while for those who have the sides a bit ‘pronounced are not the best because they tend to highlight them! If you love this piece but you are afraid that there gifts choose a short pattern and pair it with a pair of flat sandalini which will tend to propel and to hide your (or rather our) hips a little ‘tondetti!
Jumpsuits with the fantasies that most go fashion this year are basically classified into 5 different genres’s find out together!


Proposals are usually in the dusty tones (army green, beige, cream, dusty pink, cerulean etc.), have simple cuts and very clean lines. They are perfect for both everyday life for an evening with friends, along with a nice piece of pregnancy nightwear, in fact, make sparks!


Go much the animal prints, but also the micro-patterns that really will meet again this year in all the heads of our wardrobe! These suits are a bit ‘more difficult to match than basic, but at least have the advantage of being able to camouflage small defects very well in our body!


The black / white combination always works and can only be super chic! This year, as can be seen from the suits whole proposals from Minimum, the lines are a bit ‘more’ from prison are greatly reduced in a style “, while they are in my opinion very nice suits composed of blacks pants (which very sfinano ) and white top – patterned silver which helps in giving motion to the whole!


The flowers this summer by storm in all the look and especially in overalls that have been proposed in many hyper colored versions! They are certainly not for all but the most daring can not have it fail, the sea, combined with the flip flops you’ll be enchanted!


As I said before are perfect for those who are not super whiskers or side panels have a bit ’round, look great if combined with a couple of sandalini flat or a pair of colorful sneakers!
They are very versatile, you can use all day both in the city and the sea!