Naomi Campbell, Always on Top

Really, Naomi Campbell has decided to endorse this spring summer 2008. After organizing a charity fashion show with over a top during the week of the London fashion, it opens the Miss Bikini fashion show in Milan, proving that n has nothing to envy the young shoots of modeling.

At 37, as an athletic vine, queen of the catwalks 90s boldly displayed his impeccable plastic. The tigress black beauty of a religious mint defies any girls arrive at the ankle. Whether we like it or not, Naomi Campbell has the merit of extending the life of the models beyond the consensual age which places retired to their 25 years.

It is time for the models parading on catwalks are somewhat more diversified, and offer a varied and cosmopolitan image of beauty, a beauty that is timeless, but that takes much of the person and his charisma. Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington or Carla Bruni would do well to get back on the catwalks slightly more often than every 60th anniversary of Dior…

A glimmer of hope, however, comes from England, which has banned girls under 16 years of scroll … she would fashion a bit more reasonable? Besides, if his duty is to offer us the dream, why reduce it to the transparent bodies of teenage girls? Fashion is a rich and diverse universe where models should embody an ideal of an age to another … It would make sense that fashion is not confined longer in this cult of surjeunisme who will one day serve the.