Neck Swan, Indispensable in Your Closet

Opened our closet all should have certain items that are indispensable to complete our daily look, a pair of white shirts, a blazer in marino or a grey jersey peak, all of them are sure they have a place in questionnaires hangers.

Maybe sometimes you think what more could combine that grey or black American possessions and who want to put with shirt, as well, one of the basics of the season, probably fails the Swan-neck sweater , inseparable companion and garment fetish of the large Stefano Pilati, creative director of Yves Saint Laurent and that it looks so elegantly combined with an American.

I recommend having one in black, smooth, wool-cashmere, which fits snugly to the body but not get to stick it. At first glance, this jersey has a simple but extremely elegant appearance, because we not only styled, if that is not able to print certain air of sosfisticacion. Comes to see how and with what we make it.

You can combine it in infinite ways, with jeans, with a few Chinese of PATA gallo, fashionable this year or with some tejaneros five-Pocket, is the recommended provided that pants is not very wide, refrain type cargo pants or similar.

Indispensable for carrying clothing are one American smooth, or a coat cutting sailor, both will help us to show off what seems to be a simple jersey, but that mixed with certain garments can become the outfit more chic of our wardrobe.