NET – Porter Also Is Passes to The Paper with a New Magazine

The paper is finished, the role remain in two days, no one wants to because the paper… those speeches that could have their days for the good of all. The paper has its use and NET – Porter are encouraged to give it to him with his new movement to the physical format with a new magazine It joins other recent web role as the Style changes.

In the luxury business NET – Porter has a target clear and this market is best suited for the physical format, other public areas, other types of sensations to see the magazine in hand and the ad or content outside of a screen of a computer or a tablet, as well as the jump to kiosks or certain chosen points that locate new customers. Moreover, apparently they selected certain hotels, a small number of customers and other partners. Not interested just go for the mass audience, that is not your business. And all this is studied by the advertisers.

The journal of net – Porter is more than logic for the online shop who leads Natalie Massenet, sell items through the content hook. Become creators of tendency to then sell these trends. Intermediaries goodbye in their field. The recently announced plans of a magazine would not have surprised both.

Moreover, the own Chief Executive Mark Sebba said a few days ago:

It is not a secret that net – Porter is going to publish a fashion magazine in the next 12 months more or less.

Good taste (which also transmit their employees, of course, as we saw in Camille Charrière a few days ago) and good is a fact of life online already magazine. This has led them to be about 4.9 million unique users per month, according to data from online audiences collecting WWD.

Good news that we will follow closely to see what brings to the publishing sector of fashion.