New York Fashion Week Day 7

Femininity decided for New York catwalks in the seventh day of Fashion Week.That does not forget, though, to adorn themselves with flowers from time to time.

Now ending the New York Fashion Week, which, as we recall, is the latest edition to have as Mercedes Benz sponsors. The seventh day of parades does not abandon the leitmotiv of continuous banner of femininity, represented by names such as Michael Kors and Anna Sui. But let’s see in more detail what we have reserved the designers in the appointment of Wednesday, 18 February, which saw one of the stars of Gigi Hadid walkways and Kendall Jenner, increasingly thrown into the fashion system.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers to fight the grayness

Leitmotif of most of the day parades is the floral theme, albeit read in completely different keys keeps coming back several times on the New York catwalks. We find it to Michael Kors, where the flowers are manifested by an air etiquette and delicate: small motifs from botanical mood cover the surfaces of dresses and skirts, to dress a modern woman but romantic.
For Anna Sui Floral instead taste gipsy, made ​​of look seventies and garments with flowing lines, sinuous silhouette and pants at the palace.
Finally, Lie Sang Bong reworking has a decidedly more modern, thanks to graphic elements current and the expert use of colors.

So feminine, but of character

The climb to the catwalk woman does not give up her femininity, but the fact remains that it is a woman with a strong personality, capable of asserting their rights and notice. This seems to be the Jason Wu message to Boss Women, which has outlined the contours of the other half of the sky that knows what he wants and also how to get it. And so appear coats rights, elongated lines, clean silhouette, pure hues and decided.
Alternatively, you can follow the tips of Michael Kors and take inspiration from the male wardrobe, opting for cropped pants from the straight line, brogues and tomboy shirts.

The cold? You fight with the fur!

Hot, hot and soft. And if possible, colorful. Touch fur has always been a big topic of the winter season, and it seems to be more than ever in this day of NYFW: on the collar, sleeve version or to adorn a coat, the fur is much loved by designers who presented their collections during the day. Alternatively, a fluffy sweater to wear with longuette will be a very valid option as we teach Michael Kors and Boss Women.

And we hope that this femininity decided conquer not only the look!