New York Fashion Week / / Round up Part I

Weekend was launched at New York Fashion Week, since we sit quite hibbelig before our screens, waving in thoughts secretly over to our favorite town, and make us notes on the latest trends, that no trends, maybe even more, but rather are tendencies and welcome reminder of already seen before. Before we address the details, we begin however with a little round up of the first shows to miss her as well as anything. A real highlight wasn’t personally still for me, it won’t be boring next spring but still:

Cuba Kingdom at EDUN:

Designer Danielle Sherman was inspired for next spring by Cuba and the colors and patterns of Central Africa. What we can remember:
remains off shoulder
the best combination: width of liner + Schulterblitzer
floor-length Caftans
width belt

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LINGERIE, black and white, and multicultural at GIVENCHY:
Chief Designer Ricardo Tisci hired none other than the artist Marina Abramoviç as the Creative Director for his show. Art and fashion, fashion and art, the catwalk as happening, sometime prayers anywhere opposites and at the end but a great unit. Marina wrote in her letter to Ricardo, who was to be found on the spectator chairs:  “this event that we create is to forgive, inclusion, new life, hope, and above all else: love.“
what we should remember:
lace and lingerie to work during the day
new Pinstripe

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Flag colours at LACOSTE :

Sport as a sign of solidarity the world – Felipe Oliveira Baptista wraps up his models for Lacoste in flag colors and athletic cut outs.
What we can remember:
color blocking
Polo tshirts
puff sleeve
waist belt

_arc0347_fashionshow_article_portrait _arc0579_fashionshow_article_portrait _arc0599_fashionshow_article_portrait _arc0033_fashionshow_article_portrait _arc0105_fashionshow_article_portrait _arc0069_fashionshow_article_portrait

means Alexander Wang 10 years to clear all rules. The line between bad taste and a tribute to the unconventional 2000s, are fluent and somehow also charming, maybe because of nostalgia. Wang’s label founded in 2005, with the collection for the spring of 2016, the designer returns clearly to its roots.
What we can remember:
ankle-length denim skirts
Pyjama shirts
biker jackets
Trekkig Sandals

_wan0159_fashionshow_article_portrait _wan0193_fashionshow_article_portrait _wan0403_fashionshow_article_portrait _wan0389_fashionshow_article_portrait _wan0527_fashionshow_article_portrait _wan0555_fashionshow_article_portrait


West Coast cities have their own charm and could not be more different you. On the one hand, Venice Beach, on the other Los Angeles. Both cities work together quite wonderfully on the catwalk.
What we can remember:
Royales blue and sunny yellow
American diamonds
relaxing MIDI skirts
Korperfene silhouettes
graphic surf codes

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