No Anorexia

Shock, disgust, suddenly become aware … Free visual assault or necessary? This is the debate raised by the latest ad campaign of sulfur Oliviero Toscani, who photographed a young woman with anorexia and whose picture spreads big in Milan in the heart of the fashion week….

Oliviero Toscani is familiar with the controversy, it is one that Benetton has exceeded the limits of propriety in putting up popular cities clichés shock undermining good conscience: priest and nun kissing, emaciated AIDS patient, boat overloaded people … in short, this photographer is no longer in his first stunt. Sponsored by the Italian clothing brand Nolita, Toscani decides to throw a stone into the pond and out this campaign of “prevention” – or at least of “awareness” – in full effervescence moddesque Milanese.

Some protest and denounce the indecency of such a photo, while others look away. The trial of wounded modesty can not be taken seriously in a society where crime series that are more realistic in great detail, where JT 20h lingers languidly on the corpses of this or where massacres and video games have nothing to envy of our worst nightmares … we can do double standards and an excuse molestation for sensitive subjects and that we would rather forget or fall by the wayside.

Oliviero Toscani hits hard, but can be a little too late, as the anorexia problem is increasingly taken seriously in fashion. The omerta rises gradually, everyone knows that it will take time, but the machine is running. Such a campaign is perhaps not the best way to make things happen because they already move. The risk is even further stigmatize the modeling world, and reopen a stale polemics…