Olivia Palermo and Her Boyfriend in Elle Germany

Since its emergence in the Asos magazine and after being the new face of the Catalan firm Mango, Olivia Palermo you are seizing increasingly more taste to this model, and is that the girl has talent. Now he returns to deal with this form of the hand of your inseparable (and guaperrimo) groom, Johannes Huebl. Where? A photo essay of the December issue magazine Elle Germany. Publications know What is in fashion and it is a claim in any rule, so they raffle it. And as always we see it without smiling, proud and defiant face, some of which are already used, and which I guess is a paper (or perhaps follow the advice of) Victoria Beckham (not smiling so that creases do not form …).

The case is the couple Huebl-Palermo to congratulate us the Christmas in the most sensual way, stretched out on a bed, becoming carantonas (to envy of all mortals) through the corridors of a hotel, etc. The outfit that stylists have chosen much follows the philosophy of Olivia: dresses cut classic and timeless, shoes with platforms, etc. Although I must say that the girl comes not quite favoured, above all in the following image. It has the face rare, not is it is due but just do not convince me (and looks that she always pleases me).

The Black his clothes it is dominated by many of the catches.

I don’t know if it is a product of my imagination, the scalpel or a ‘ surgery Photoshop ’ but not see her puffy lips? Especially in this image you can see you more.

In front of the toilet can see background on her boyfriend with a silk batin … (ask him for Christmas!).

Look at this photograph, more specifically in its Yellow shoes…

They are the same as in this one of a different color!

Signed by Charlotte Olympia, the favorite brand of this girl to dress her delicate (and precious) feet.

This model in particular Olivia are in black for their day to day, and we have seen it take them countless times. I love them because they marry all, are divine and enhance body which takes them thanks to its high platform.

Did you think this photo shoot?