Outfits for the Office

The skin is the new star of the winter 2015 adapts to look edgy and dark, but if we can match it in the right way, it can give an extra touch to the outfit even more feminine.

To each his look. We know that every trade, Advocate architect up to the PR and the designer needs a specific dress code defined, but should never miss etiquette and elegance.

If you work in a very formal setting such as a bank or law firm you need to wear the jacket with suits and shirts or opt for elegant dresses like a sheath dress. Unlike in more informal settings, but fashion will go well even a t-shirt. Jeans are allowed only in very sporting circles.

2015 will be the protagonist of winter skin revived in many looks and can also be used for office outfits, but eye to the environment in which you work. The skin is in fact ideal for spirited outfits but, if combined in the right way, it can give an extra touch to the outfit even more feminine.

They are a pants, leggings or a skirt, for an office look you need to match this jacket in chiffon shirts or other very light fabrics. The mood boards that I propose is a perfect example of elegance and practicality. A black blazer J BRAND and a shirt BLACKY DRESS BERLIN, perfect for any outfit combined with a skinny pant . All complemented by ashopping bag MAURO GASPERI and shoes VIC, one stub from the comfortable heel black leather.

Useful tips

  1. Dots and lines of small size are perfect for the office.
  2. The younger can dare wearing a full skirt rather than the classic longuette
  3. to floral dresses, but it is important to combine it with jackets or cardigans so that they become formal.
  4. Use only over-sized bags
  5. Yes to the heels, but not too much.Choose a boot or aneckline comfortable with whom you can walk safely throughout the day. Also the dancers, but to avoid sneakers.

Look #1

Length skirt in black leather, colored shirt, possibly pastels with neck bow as the proposals ZARA, to combine with a shoulder head like a coat or cape in neutral colors. For a socket shoes or a more classic neckline and the inevitable shopping bag (perfect when combined with the color of choice shirt).

Look #2

Black leather leggings by regular or skinny cut signed pauldigo.com combined with blouse or a maxi shirt and a blazer like the one proposed by River Island. For shoes I recommend a comfortable heel, but alternatively yes to ballet flats or brogues.

WARNING! The two proposals are for more casual environments such creative work in the communication or the fashion industry and therefore not suited to formal environments that require a specific dress code.