Oxford: Learn How to Use This Shoe Model Full of Comfort and Style

Heeled shoes can even provide some elegance, but nothing like the comfort of flat shoes. They may be the best alternative to the work environment that does not require so much formality and also for a weekend outing.

Oxford learn how to use this shoe model full of comfort and style

Among the models of shoes without heels, stands the Oxford model. The main feature of this model is to be inspired by men’s shoes, and to be adjusted by laces. The model became known and received this name for being hit among the students of the University of Oxford in England.

It is common to find models of the most varied colors, and even patterns. Currently, this footwear has been re-read, being produced models in metallic colors and also adding the platforms, following the trend of flatforms .

How to use Oxford

This model of footwear can work as a true joker, combining comfort and style. Check below elaborated tips, with the collaboration of the fashion consultant Danyla Borobia, to insert this footwear into their looks.

Oxford with jeans

The jeans are very democratic and offers a lot of ease to create combinations. On a suggestion of model to match the shoes, Danyla teaches the styling trick: “This composition is the easiest, just choose a skinny jeans to bend the bar and go out there.”

To escape the obvious, Danyla points out other combinations: “The all white ‘or’ all jeans’ make-up is in vogue and ensures a fashionista air. For the bolder girls the pantacourt or the mom jeans will give style and fashion perfume. ”

Oxford with shorts

For hot days, shorts offer freshness and comfort at the same time. Danyla further emphasizes that the combination of the piece of clothing with the Oxford shoes, are slightly feminine and great options to lengthen the silhouette.

The fabrics of the piece can be from the most common like the jeans , passing through the thinner with trim, until the leather. On the insertion of the third piece, Danyla advises: “Composing with jackets, blazers or moletons balance the silhouette and leave the modern look.” For a casual day, the consultant still indicates the use of the t-shirt and also a choker to finish off the look.

Oxford with skirt

The initial idea of combining Oxford with skirt is a romantic and delicate look. But this delicacy can be countered by dark colors and heavier fabrics, such as leather, for example.

“The most rounded skirts (pleated or trim A) or straight and mini look great with this shoe, already the pencils and midi leave the comfort zone and go straight to the street style”, says Danyla about the model of skirt chosen to match the Oxford. To further elongate the silhouette, the consultant indicates the option of Oxford in nude color.

Oxford with dress

Printed dresses and oxfords create very harmonious combinations, which can also be very romantic. To make the look less romantic, the piece and footwear may be in dark colors, or else be made up of a heavier jacket.

“Lace, fluid, shorter dresses and powerful accessories leave the look more modern and sophisticated,” says Danyla to give an updated look. For the even bolder, the consultant complements with the suggestion of Slip dress superimposed on a T-shirt, or with oversize jeans jacket.

Oxford with sock

The pantyhose are great options to bring the pieces of clothing from the summer to the winter looks like the shorts and skirts. For those who do not want to have so much impact on the look, the fashion consultant indicates the option of wearing the sock in the same color of the shoe, so that it does not have much contrast.

For those who have more confidence to dare, thin stockings superimposed over normal socks, or even worked socks and colored can be options. The consultant also points out: “Socks with sparkles, lace, little babadinhos will leave the most current look”.

Oxford with platform

The flatforms arrived with everything in the fashion world, and inserted flat platforms in the most diverse models of footwear, and oxfords were not left out. This model is a little more flashy and usually pleases those who like to provide fashion information to the look.

“Composing looks with it is not very difficult, because it fits very well with any style and composition, for the most basic it is best to compose with skinny pants, shorts or dresses and skirts in mini length, so the silhouette will be more elongated. For girls who love to dare the sky is the limit, more tight ribbed dresses in the midi length + oversize jeans jacket tied at the waist, will give the fashionista touch desired, “indicates Danyla on the combinations that can be made with the footwear.

Metallic oxford

This is another model desired by fashionistas and lately available in several brands, both in gold and silver. This shoe can be the protagonist of the look, especially in monochromatic looks, as Danyla guarantees.

To create more stylish and even more daring combinations, the fashion consultant still suggests more varied compositions, with mix of prints, as well as insert current pieces such as cropped pants, for example.