Paul Smith Fashion Week

Paul Smith parading at LFW with a wearable collection, designed for a real woman. References to the 70’s and flannel are the main features of daywear pieces designed by the AI.
It is a relaxed tailoring and unpretentious, the one staged recently by Paul Smith at London Fashion Week.
But even if it is an interesting collection, do not expect fireworks: looks climbed on the runway are easy is absolutely wearable in everyday life, which in the parade do not see too often. This is enough for us to want the British designer collection dedicated to Autumn / Winter 2015/16.

Easy style flavor seventies

The echoes seventies who inspired the collection are felt loud and clear in every single part: they can be felt by fluid silhouette of pants and coats, men’s cut which imposes stronger his presence. Li is felt in the use massive flannel next to which, however, fits even the silk, in an interesting blend material, recurrent theme that can also be found in the alternation between fluids and rigid fabrics. It is a daywear collection of easy to interpret, and that does not need a red carpet because it can be worn in everyday life and dedicated to a real woman, real.
” I wanted to try to create a collection of clothes that you can add to their wardrobe , “said Paul Smith,” because we know that things in the world at the moment are quite difficult, and i wanted to create clothes like coats that they were comfortable with the clothes that you have or vice versa . ”

Autumn colors for easy collection to wear

The color palette used sa Autumn: burgundy, mustard, browns and range of beige, gray, cream or light pink for proposals seen on the catwalk.
The star of the season is the jacket, which shall be present in most of the looks it borrows great versatility: with or without sleeves, shearling version with visible seams or worn mo ‘cape. Omnipresent even coat, long and oversized garments, worn over suits and soft shirts, mesh overlay and long clothing in the frock coat. The leaders of the cuts are typically male also regarding his pants, where the proposal veers from the pants flared culottes. The sheep know the vintage, giving the twist peculiar to Autumn / Winter by Paul Smith.

Fully promoted collection: we feel that we could really dress every day Paul Smith!