Pictures Of The Day G Fall/Winter Update 2015

Last days of summer is probably currently the favorite heading in my Instagram stream: again full power 35 degrees enjoy – until we may sail so slowly in the fall. We are honest and admit: comes from your beautiful sweater days, layering hours and warm earth tone colours, quiet come here! Why we also today not by our autumn course dissuade us leave? Because Ganni punctually to the drop in temperature the perfect looks served us and is waiting with a whole armada of favorite pieces:

As it would be the perfect Plaid skirt in A line form? The most beautiful coat in dark gray, we’ve seen for a long time? Or how about our beloved dress-over pants suits with vertical stripes and knitting? Come on, if not you fall but also, then yes probably now. But what are we talking: Voila, our looks of the day, that you now available here nachshoppen can.

The perfect gray coat – here.

Knitting meets Strip – here.

Or: the perfect, dark blue wool jacket?

Not yet in possession of a lace skirt? Looks quite fantastic to the grey knitted – here waiting for the complete look. As a jacket or Blazer: The short coat.

You can have enough trousers? I don’t think so. Especially this pretty model in Brown is missing in the collection. The Pajamas look so quickly no longer comes out of fashion. Not only right now, where the eye but finally it has got accustomed to.
The perfect coat wasn’t there yet? How about this one?

What a nice outfit. This way. Thinking already about to drive the full load tip? We have to be honest, not. Ganni proves: this should change as soon as possible. With this look.

Autumn of the Maxi skirt is followed by the summer of Maxikleids for me. And with this one, which would be early made.

More Ganni? Is today also. The Danes have namely built a complete Lookbook around the sleeping suit look. The result? Creations to our liking. The Lookbook is us a breath but to wicked and too dark. Here are the individual looks even without effect lighting and provocative poses.