Pink. Wrap Is Colored Pink, That You Clear

We have been discussing over these months, but it is better to repeat it if someone did not have it (yet) clear: the jacket that wins This season is pink. Why us has not surprising to see how the girls each day begin to show off your versions: in version jacket perfect, wrap oversize or a classic trench coat with a modern twist. All the options are good if we know How to combine it. You have idea how to do it?

For those that they want to break the monotony You can try the style of Sara’s Collage Vintage where the lace miniskirt is combined with a white jersey and a perfect in this key fashion. Important notice: is a mix risky, so you should be 100% secure and take it safely.

More casual is the version of Aimee Song that combines her pink coat with a worn jeans and style boyfriend with a cotton t-shirt. If you don’t want to die by freezing, the best is that you add a thick jersey to the combination and ye Blist by a closed shoes. Although it is by well known microclimate in which live the egobloggers where there is no neither cold nor heat and your health is iron…

And if you’re looking for a more classic optionYou can try your luck with the trench coat in this tonality. A total black look will make it this garment Queen of style.

With what option you stay? Do you have your jacket in the closet?