Prada Fashion Show – Spring-Summer 2008

Pleasure follows the rigor… The Miucca Prada show is as surprising in its usual, but this season it is especially mesmerizing. He draws a new silhouette, both in the times and wildly avant-garde, yet incredibly feminine. A modern dream urban nymphs and contemporary … more

For almost three weeks more shows follow one another. Some intrigue, there is a particular interesting details, such boldness, such revival, but few actually create the new, slightly raise the sweet euphoria of attending a real time mode. It is indeed easy to get lost in the conceptual, classicism, or excessive in fashionnement proper creator.

It is easy to offer a personal vision, selfish and sometimes commercial stranded without thinking about what each expects of fashion. A collection is successful when it disseminates some evidence, not a sterile blandness, just the feeling that the looks that we presented are exactly what our unconscious desire.

This is the case with the spring summer 2008 fashion show of Prada, which binds diaphanous chiffon and graphically strong cozy tights, imaging Art Deco and Japanese aesthetics and the finesse of a blur cleavage, voluptuousness of a swirling silk, all linked to the futuristic shoes that mark – thanks to their inventive gaiters – the boundary between traditionalism and modernity.

The influences are diverse, but are based on a unique unit. Miuccia Prada has managed to deal with the grace and elegance without straying towards the classics. She imagined a dreamlike habit ingrained in the reality of the 21st century will seduce us … Not to mention the accessories alone are a true stylistic and artistic prowess: shoes straight out of a painting by Klimt, wristwatches optical illusion…