Recap: The Avant / Guard Diaries

Last Friday we were from head to toe on avant-garde. Avant-garde? Does this with progress and art movements associated even to the present time apply concept of the 20th century? The answer is: Yes.

With “THE AVANT / guard DIARIES“ Mercedes-Benz will bring the mystery of creative superlatives back into the digital world. With a lot of tailwind by Jil Sanders present Chief Designer Raf Simons was not only associated THE AVANT / guard DIARIES Festival “TRANSMISSION1“, for its naming Mr. Simons himself is responsible, launched – to celebrate the launch of a new online magazine, which is dedicated to creative souls from all points of the compass also asked why: our site.

Also we learned fast: to keep a clear view can so many artistic involvement and high-profile names quite complicated prove. We now know what it is, but lacks the right idea. Therefore everything in order:

Festivals, we have heard much just those have mostly a somewhat different intention as that which took place last weekend. Music was also on ear, in the center of the world was but the major project “THE AVANT / guard DIARIES“, curated by none other than designer Raf Simons was. A three active Festival in Berlin took place under the title of this work now, the „ TRANSMISSION1 “. In the, discussed artists of Berliner Congress Center, which was built by the Bauhaus architect Hermann Henselmann and trendsetters while all that happy is the corporate and time relevant Cosmos: fashion, music, art, culture, innovation and, of course, the automotive – the birth of a temporary platform for thinkers of all genres, because the same should occur soon in other cities throughout of the world.

There were all the wonderful bloggers, we had already enumerated, but also big names such as Michael Sontag, Dirk Schonberger, Christiane Arp, Vladimir Karaleev could look. The idea of such a merge like us very much, because once more becomes clear that the separation of art forms is pure nonsense – that one causes the other, technology, fashion, art and music are practically inseparable.

Blogger meeting

Without visible art the package would have been but not complete, because the critical eye will be satisfied of course visually. RAF Simons himself has selected as curator, who must present the TRANSMISSION1 audience his own works. Concert, exhibition, performance and installation – everything was there. The German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic showed his brilliant 360 ° chairs, the Scottish choreographer Michael Clark danced to David Bowie, Peter de Potter showed photographic installations on the window facade, Germaine Kruipas works adorned the staircases of the building.

Peter Potter’s window installation

The favorite was me but Peter Saville, which we are addicted to Division or new order mainly due to his legendary album cover for joy. During our Bloggertreffens that this man has not only talent and gumption, but is still charming turns out also – because every now and then he seized even the word and put up on it a little more knowledge.

During our Bloggertreffens at noon before the official opening, including the new interview magazine became us „ THE avant-garde “ presented – an online platform that henceforth exciting characters of the scene telling small stories about week after week. Wonderfully aesthetic short films introduces pop icons, gallery owners, editors, designers and many more interesting Kreativlinge – straight hits, for example, gallerist Johann König on artists Tue Greenfort, which in turn looks at the New York Art Director Eddie Brennan over his mark presenting the artist Dustin Yellin. Top click worth, by the way even if none of the names mentioned in your own brain is stored – Finally you never stop learning.

But why held a Bloggertreffen at all in advance? Because understanding is pretty important, as we can find. Things to write about, that are difficult to access, falls quite easily, and especially if you understand the concept as a Scribbler: that what is of the essence. Mercedes-Benz wants to rejuvenate and finally away from the image of seniors. Right here is the A-CLASS CONCEPT, which somehow includes the whole AVANTE/guard DIARIES range.

Extracts from the lecture

Also, if Mercedes-Benz in the context of “avant-garde diaries“ takes consciously back and acts better in the background, is done with this project a step in the right direction. We learned why, just the traditional Automobilhaus has reached a great importance in the creative industry, after a carefully prepared speech. The critical eye you can’t lose safely during such events, but at the latest after Janis Joplins „ Mercedes-Benz “ and the grandiose advertising campaign, which you can see below, it is clear: Mercedes-Benz has influenced subcultures, attention has always been, is to madgeburg and shot back with brains. Mercedes-Benz is also somehow art – in any case very much lifeblood is in the total concept around the Giants.

The crowning moment of the first day was a big Feierei in the BCC, made the pilgrimage to the hundreds creative (and also a few non-creative). Abundant appetizers and beverages was passed, I got but rather whether the musical effusion of the evening in the schools: THESE NEW PURITANS. I heard though, as some of the „ fucking music “ complained, but that could spoil hardly the evening with Sarah Jane.

Thankyou for that day. Give us not only because a thumbs up for Mercedes-Benz, Raf Simons, TRANSMISSION1 and THE AVANT / guard DIARIES – no, we are pleased simply that large companies finally also to the younger generation care and understand the importance of the art scene and which of our vibrant Berlin. A step in this direction can be so no wrong. In this sense: I’ll never stop Mercedes-Benz star. Promised.

… And at the end still a cinematic montage of AVANT / guard DIARIES: our site

Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz.