Roberto Cavalli Milan Fashion Week

The autumn-winter 2015-2016 collection of Roberto Cavalli reworks the aesthetics of the house according to modern canons and unconventional, for an elegantly wild style, where the balance goes hand in hand with creativity.

There is all the aesthetics of Roberto Cavalli in the autumn-winter 2015-2016 collection presented by the designer at Milan Fashion Week. From animal prints to the nuances, from floral to lace inserts, the gold skin, the stud , with vibrant colors, each piece of the proposal for the next season is both a piece of history of the house and a look at future, in the name of a creativity that continues to excite and amaze.

Savage beauty

The “wild beauty” has always been the distinctive feature of the Roberto Cavalli collections and one for next season is no exception. Once again, in fact, they go up on the catwalk animal prints, leather, drawings of small and large voluptuous and sensual flowers, dressing a woman proud of its own contradictions, strong and fragile, naive and seductive, but always beautiful and full of natural charm. In the custom of the tradition, however, the creative twist, innovation, never fail, and so here are the geometric patterns “tame” the rebellious spirit of prints features of the house, the essential forms a counterpoint to the flowing lines, stylistic rigor and tailoring “bridle” the excess, the insignia of a balance that makes the Roberto Cavalli collection autumn-winter 2015-2016 a great little jewel of elegance.

The style form

From the idea to the model, the model dress, the style of Roberto Cavalli 2015-2016 collection takes shape in long mannish coats, with reverse and a contrast lining and edges and fur collars, jackets and coats furry , characterized by a tartan pattern declined like drawing or actual machining, and military and in a pea coat without sleeves, with buckles and gold border, which wore a dress with ruffles and ruffled cuffs echoes the glories of the French court at the time of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. And the french inspiration also comes back in damask patterns printed and inlay decorating little coat, long dresses and pinafores, as well as in high-waisted trousers with double button front.

From the distant past to the recent past, in the proposal of the Tuscan designer for the new heating season tartan, fringe, studs and unprecedented processing metal waves renewed suggestions and kinds of 70s, joining in a scrambled design contemporary and unusual materials, such as lurex black and dark copper, silk, tulle, velvet, leather and fur, for a number of leaders who wear a sensual and mysterious woman who defies “cataloging.”

Winter’s colors

Prints, graphics, geometry, botanical drawing : the autumn-winter 2015-2016 confirms the Roberto Cavalli’s passion for image and visual appearance of the clothes, the designer points out with a palette of saturated colors, bright and vibrant. Thus, in the proposal for the next season the mustard yellow, gold and copper, blue, red, blue and green oil blend to black and white, with flashes of pink and purple, to compose a series of outfits where the solid is the exception, but that exception-as such-does not go unnoticed.