Sales 2013: Blusitas I Used to Wear in Spring

In keeping with our special rebates 2013, one of my favorite acquisitions and that I recommend to all are the blusitas. A garment that you can now buy at a cheaper price and look next spring.

  • White body of tacks Zara 29.99 euros
  • White blouse in romantic style of Zara 29.99 euros.

The blouses or blouses camiseras they are perfect to show off in our daily outfits and even in our looks at night. They are comfortable and easy to combine: with skirt, pants dress, leggings or jeans.

  • Mango blouse retro handle 14.99 EUR
  • Pink blouse shirt SuiteBlanco 12,99 EUR

The Blue klein It became part of our wardrobe. A very flattering color in opaque or semi-transparent version.

  • Blouse shirt Zara 15.99 euros
  • Blouse handle 19.99 EUR
  • Blouse handle 14.99 EUR

The blouses Swiss dot with appliqué continue setting trends. already available in new collections of different brands low cost such as Mango. They are both stylish to wear during the day as at night. Transparencies at the same time give a very sensual touch.

  • Blouse blue Mango 14.99 EUR
  • Blouse White Green 12,99 EUR

A blouse can combine it it with a serious suit and minimalist style to go to the office and give a touch of color to your style, with leather leggings and look a look Rock, especially with blouses that count as detail with tacks, a trend that we are seeing in the new collections.

  • Blouse from Zara polka in dis versions 15,99 EUR

You have them all colors and models, so get one and be right safe. In the shops there are a variety of proposals.

  • Blouse green SuiteBlanco 12,99 EUR
  • Red Mango blouse 14.99 EUR
  • Body SuiteBlanco Fuchsia 6.49 euros

Somewhat more informal are the of Bershka in pastel colors, tones that are still setting trends, and red, another color than darna who speak.

  • Green shirt water from Bershka 9,99 EUR
  • Pink shirt of Bershka 12,99 EUR
  • Red blouse from fringes of Bershka 12,99 EUR

Transparencies or semi-transparency We see them in different versions. From body of lace up to totally transparent sheer blouses or simplementes details this trend. If you’re not daring, I recommend that you look them with a t-shirt underneath.

  • White blouse transparent Zara 15.99 euros
  • Lace of Zara 19.99 EUR
  • Blouse Stradivarius 7,99 EUR

The classic that should never miss in our closet are the black blouses. Ideal to wear at night and ombinables absolutely any garment with style.

  • White blouse transparent Zara 15.99 euros
  • Bodice sleeveless Stradivarius 7,99 EUR
  • Black blouse of Stradivarius 15.99 euros